UTAR Mascots

UTAR Mascot Twins

Male mascot: UTARsiswa “喜华 - masculine blue suit and carefree dangling hair over forehead


Female mascot: UTARsiswi “喜仪” - feminine red suit, big ribbon and floral hairpin    


Aptly named to represent the male and female UTAR students, the twin mascots are truly of Malaysian descent. Clothed in the colours of Jalur Gemilang, they reflect the patriotic spirit of UTARians and the oneness of UTAR and Malaysia, as we strive to be the centre of educational excellence in the region and beyond.

With the UTAR emblem close to their hearts, UTARsiswa and UTARsiswi are newly germinated seeds* that embrace the University as the perpetually shining sun that warmly nurtures them with knowledge and virtues, transforming the lives of these growing seedlings sown in the learning ground of UTAR.

UTAR equips its students from head to toes with a pair of winglet ears, a golden scholar belt and distance-running shoes.  The winglet ears uplift holistic education and propel UTAR students to greater heights of success in life.  The scholar belt of knowledge, skills and authority, empowers them to serve for the betterment of mankind.  More importantly, the distance-running shoes always enable them to take the extra miles in the marathon of life at a steady pace.

Significance of the Mascot Features

The seeds* represent students of UTAR. The leaves represent the knowledge, education, and life lessons learnt at UTAR. Both showcase the growing and nurturing process each student goes through at UTAR as their stepping stone for achieving greater success in their future endeavours.

The wings uphold the values of harmony, humility and friendliness. The wings lead students to the right of success.

The Sun is incorporated into the clothes of the mascots to reflect the importance of the Sun for the seeds to grow. The Sun is the most potent symbol, and is a source of Yang energy. It is the energy that purifies and energises students. The Sun also represents strength, revolution of education, and vigour.

The yellow belt is the belt of “状元” (zhuàngyuán). A zhuàngyuán is the top scholar in the traditional palace examination - the highest rank of the Imperial examination system.

The colours of the mascots are the colours of the UTAR logo, which are blue, yellow and red. The vibrant colours depict a joyful, youthful and sporty look.