Significance of the UTAR Logo

  • Blue, yellow and red, being the national colours reflect the Malaysian identity of the university.
  • The letter 'A' in auspicious red gives it prominence, suggesting distinction and excellence in the education provided by UTAR. Red also signals success, prosperity and protection from negative forces.
  • The swing of the bold stroke signifies a 'yes', a mark of enthusiastic approval and the right choice.
  • The cascade of six lines symbolises the comprehensive courses and wholesome components of education, which are also referred as the UTAR 6 Pillars of Education, namely:
    •   Virtue and Morality
    •   Knowledge and Intellect
    •   Physical and Mental Health
    •   Sociality and Humanitarianism
    •   Aesthetics and Harmony
    •   Creativity and Innovation
  • The seventh line, the tail of the backbone stroke, represents an integrated, holistic and balanced approach in the pursuit of learning, teaching and research. Together, the holistic and the academic strength will propel UTAR into a future filled with great promise and unlimited opportunities.