Division of Corporate Communication & Public Relations (DCCPR)
To promote effective coordination of internal and external communication with the overall purpose of establishing and maintaining favourable reputation with stakeholder groups in addition to enhancing and protecting the University's reputation.
We essentially oversees and coordinate the media relations, publications, communication and public affairs of the University in addition to assisting related events and branding activities. We produces and disseminates information, messages and publications to relevant stakeholder groups through internal and external communication with focus on the University as a whole. We generally works to raise the profile of the University internally and externally through the development of branding, communication and media strategies that promote core University activities.
We are committed to the principle of professionalism, quality and accountability in providing relevant information to the University's stake holders following the University's strategy, policies and guidelines.
The Division functions with tasks related to the following broad areas: 
  • Strategic Communications & Publications 
  •  Event Management & Media Relations 
  •  Digital Communications & Design 
  •  Corporate and Public Relations
For any inquiry please contact DCCPR at: 
 Tel No: 03 9086 0288 ext 387 or 05 468 8888 ext 2290 
 Email: dccpr@utar.edu.my 
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